1) How long did you end up pumping for (or how many months now if you're still pumping!)?
2) When/why/how did you pump wean? Did you keep nursing at home or wean altogether?
3) Did people start to act weird about it?

1) DD just turned one and I'm currently pumping
I had sort of thought I'd day wean now but my daughter is MSPI so I can't introduce cows milk/plus as a teacher it seems easier to just pump for the rest of the school year and day wean over the summer. Also I only pump twice a day/sometimes once and so it's not terrible.
2) haven't yet obviously but it would be nice to get this time at work back! And my schedule rotates which makes pumping more annoying and I can't conceivably cut down to just one pump a every day (idk what that'd do to my supply anyway).
3) I seriously DO NOT care, and I've been pretty open at work about pumping, but I'm definitely getting the sense that people think it's a bit weird/unnecessary that I'm still doing it.

ETA: I didn't go back to work until my daughter was 6 months so I definitely credit that with pumping being relatively easy so far for me!