I'm a teacher, so I pretty much have almost no flexibility in choosing these times. So... hopefully everyone will tell me yes, this will work Currently at home I pump for about 10-15min and get about 4-7oz. I imagine at work I'll have to stretch it to 15-20min to get the same amount/maintain supply.

5:00 Feed
7:20 Pump
10:20 Pump
12:10 Pump (as much as I can, bc then I have a 4 hr stretch)
4:00 Feed

I'm hoping to get about 12-16 oz total for the day from the 3 sessions. This will be for 7wks (35 days). I have 76oz frozen right now, which is about 19 extra full servings or 38 snack servings. I have 2 more weeks until I go back to work and usually get to freeze 2-4 oz per day, as well as have enough for a 4oz daily bottle.

ETA: Feedings during the day are almost always 3 hours apart. I *could* pump at 3:30 but that might delay me getting home, and detract from the 4pm feed.