Hi bees!

I've been pumping after every feeding for the past week in order to supplement after each nursing session. LO is 12 days old. I usually pump for about 5-7 mins and when I first started for about 4-5 mL on average. Now I'm up to 9 mL on average. I have the free insurance Medela PISA.

Today I realized that I have been starting to get milk during every stimulation phase and it peters out quickly once the expression phase begins. This happens every time but I didn't think anything of it until today. Today I started experimenting with turning the pump off and back on after a minute or two of the expression phase (when milk stops flowing) and was surprised when I started getting more milk again during the next stimulation phase. I just was able to get 3 rounds of this in 15 mins before the milk finally stopped flowing. Just measured and I got 13 mL.

Has anyone else experienced this or have a clue what could be going on?