I am extremely newly pregnant but was thinking at work today about the pumping setup at my new job. There is no sink in the office, so I can either rinse my pump parts in the bathroom sink, use the super disgusting utility sink that is in a dark closet, or bring my pump parts home every day to clean them (and I bike commute, so this is NOT ideal.) The water doesn't really get hot enough in the utility sink/bathroom so I would want to sterilize, but then I have to pour the water out of the sterilizer bag to go...somewhere. Which means I have to go to the fridge, get my pump parts, pump, go to the hall to rinse the parts, sterilize them, then go back to the hall to pour out the sterilizer bag.

There is also pretty limited space in our office fridge -it's really small.

Last time around I just stored everything in a tupperware in the fridge all day, then swished the parts and some really really hot water in my tupperware that I stored everything in, and then let it dry on a draining rack in my office overnight and it was ready for the next day. I had a separate spare pump for meetings and pumping at home, and my work pump did not leave my office.

Just wondering what other folks do who have a limited or annoying setup do!