So, this is our fifth month trying to conceive. I have a strange looking chart. Trying not to get my hopes up, but everyone around me is pretty much telling me that I am pregnant. This just made it stranger. I know it is not technically "quadriphasic" if that is even a thing, but it's interesting, nonetheless.

Attached is my FF chart and it shocked me today when my temps went up AGAIN. I'm only 8DPO, so I know anything is possible, but it is improbable that I have already had implantation - IF I am pregnant. I also find it odd that my temps are so flat this time. They were very rocky before. I always temp at the same day, every day. One day in the middle of the week, i tested my arm just to see if the thermometer was broken - stuck on one number, and NOPE! It works.

The TWW is so difficult, right?! I usually don't know my period is coming until the DAY of it. I usually only have 11DPOs, so we'll see. I am not taking an early pregnancy test. (took one that wasn't an early test and it was negative. Go figure. That was dumb of me.) I plan to test on Sunday or Monday.

My symptoms, which I am kind of hesitant to call signs at this point, but they ARE getting stronger:

light headedness (HOWEVER - I have fainted a LOT in my life. Already talked to doctors about it. It's "normal" for me. The difference is that I haven't felt like this in a LONG time - and usually there are more unpleasant signs to go along with my fainting spells.)
Strong smelling urine (TMI, but this was only one day and I had not eaten asparagus - just strange)
hot flashes at night (I am always cold, especially at night. but my face has been flush for about 3 nights)
No appetite, I don't feel like cooking. (I actually enjoy cooking and have been meal prepping for a while. Nothing seems appetizing to me, but I eat because I have to. Did I mention that I also love eating good tasting food usually? Lol, who doesn't?)
I have been ravenously hungry at night - with no appetite. My stomach growls even after I have dinner. (I just think this is really strange, and WTF? I don't really want to have a second dinner. I am eating enough calories for myself.)
Sore nipples - Have had sore nipples since O. I usually just have sore nipples (maybe) two days out of a cycle. I haven't had them in a few months. Nothing excruiciating, so I am just thinking I am "back on track"
I had a pain on the side of my boob (really my rib cage - I have A cups, ok? LOL) one day. That has never happened to me. Could be anything though. Tight muscle perhaps?
Mood swings - but I tend to have these pre and during AF. This time, it's already lasted 5 days instead of the usual 2.
Okay, so also, I have acid reflux and headaches - two things I never get. I have had a sour stomach for two days and last night it was hard to sleep due to reflux feeling. The first night I felt that, I actually felt like I was going to have to go to the bathroom. VERY unexpected.
Lost 3 pounds in a month - I am only 5'1" and started out this month at 115lbs. (Yes, I want to maintain and possibly get to 110 for my petite frame, but it took me MONTHS to go from 125 to 115. about .25-.5 pounds lost per month WITH effort. This month, I have been a bump on a log due to work and night school. Again, WTF? Eating about the same amount of food. I log my food in everyday - for two years actually.)
So, here I am wondering if I am just getting sick and my temperature is just rising and my body is doing weird things pre AF, or if this could be our month.

My husband threw up twice today and he is NEVER sick. EVER. I don't think I have EVER known him to throw up in the 6 years I have known him. Then I read about some weird syndrome some men have when TTC, or when their wife is pregnant and they feel similar symptoms. Odd. I didn't believe it and then a few family members enthusiastically confirmed that men can get sick too. WTF?

Just wanted to share all of this. I'm patiently waiting now for the weekend and curious about it all. I am not as excited or hopeful as when we first started TTC. I just keep track of every little "different" thing now. I've already had false hopes a couple of times, so now I'm just doubtful of everything and analyzing it.

The thing that throws me off is everyone else telling me I am pregnant. I don't want to accept it. I thought I was before and was wrong. The minute I told people I was dizzy, 5 family members said "You're pregnant!" When I told my best friend my "symptoms," she also said it sounded like it. Ugh. Everytime something is different for me, I always think "but it could be due to something else." I talked to my boss today who had to try REALLY hard to conceive, and she said when she was pregnant with one of her kids, she noticed signs at 6DPO, but she had told me that my signs are really early. She was doubtful, but said I am not out yet. She advised to wait to test and see what happens.

I'm a bit off topic... the TWW will do that, I suppose. Has anyone ever seen a quadriphasic temperature chart?