We switched to formula full time about a month ago at 8 months. He had been ebf until 7 months, but my supply couldn't keep up. We are using the regular Similac advanced in the blue tub. He didn't have any issues starting formula. A while, about the time he went on formula full time, he had his second ear infection and was on antibiotics. I thought his liquidy poop was due to the.antibiotics,.but he's been off them for 3 weeks now. we've been pushing solids and started him on probiotics. Prior his poop would just roll off the diaper (when he was on bm and formula and solids).

Should I try switching formulas and if so, what should I try?

I don't want to go spend money trying a bunch of different kinds, but Id love to have his poop back to normal. He's blowing out 1-2 diapers a day. sometimes they are more tar/pb like.