Long story, short...I MC at 8 weeks late December 2017 and had first AF on 2/20 lasting 9 days. It was very light and most days it was just dark brown spotting.
Prior to getting pregnant (which we used OPK and got pregnant right away), I started with some irregular periods in July 2017. Until then, I’d been very regular and it had been exactly a yr since giving birth when they became irregular.

I turned 36 last month and I want to TTC sooner rather than later. I’m going in to see my OBGYN for a 2nd post op (I had D&C) because I want to move forward. I do not have any diagnosed fertility issues but it did take me 11 yrs to get pregnant with my daughter.

I know I’m going to ask about my cycles and possibly Provera and we are interested in Femara.

But can anyone tell me any other testing options I could ask about to check for underlying issues since I’m over the suggested maternal age? Like egg reserve/quality?

Today is CD16 (I’m somewhat guessing b/c period was weird and I didn’t count any post op bleeding which was also very minimal and a light flow) and still getting negative ovulation sign on a digital kit. I started on CD9. With my MC, I ovulated on CD12.

Sorry this is all over the place. I’m overwhelmed and frustrated. I’m beginning to feel defeated and hopeless with getting my rainbow baby.