I went back to work last week after 12 weeks. To ease the transition MIL came to stay with us this month. She's watching LO so we don't have to start daycare till she's 16 weeks and hopefully by the beginning of April we'll be out of the worst of flu season, too! We have a small house and she's sleeping on a blow up mattress in the living room. My LO has GERD and MSPI at least, and we're struggling to get her stabilized. She will scream for hours till she goes hoarse some days. It's not easy being alone with her all day, though thankfully she has been improving some since we upped her meds last week. Not to mention that MIL keeps herself busy by cleaning and doing laundry and cooking. MIL obviously loves spending the day with "her princess" but it's still a lot of work. And this is the longest my husband's parents have been apart in their 43 years of marriage since they live out of state and Poppa is back home working. We are so grateful and would like to do something or get her something special. Maybe something with the baby's birthstone? Or a canvas of the baby? Or both? Or something not baby related? We're open to suggestions!