How do you deal with reminders about your MC? I'm not necessarily talking about people mentioning it (which I am pretty okay with), but when people who knew you were pregnant ask about pregnancy/baby, friends who are pregnant, that sort of thing.

I was at a doctor's appointment and the nurse who took my vitals looked at her computer and said, "hmm, the computer says your pregnant, 16 weeks. But that's not right?" No, it's not. I asked her to change it, but 10 minutes later the doctor said it was still there. Ugh.

Also, I have a facebook friend from college who is due 4 days after our duedate. Two more friends have recently annouced pregnancies, one who got married the same day as us.

When we were on vacation last weekend a stranger asked us when we were going to start a family, an absolute stranger! I let Hubs answer that and he just said "in a while."

So what do you do? Absolute strangers, acquaintances, friends, there are a lot of reminders out there.