If you had mastitis once, did it come back again?

I had pretty bad case of mastitis about two weeks ago and just finished my antibiotic. I am REALLY paranoid about getting it again because it was truly awful and took awhile to get on an antibiotic that worked, I had to have a breast ultrasound, etc. I'm concerned because I never knew I had a clogged duct to begin with (and I am familiar with them from my previous babies). I could never feel where it was, but as the mastitis got worse my whole left side of my breast was red, hot, inflamed. It's better now but I still feel like my breast is a bit sore. I can't feel a plugged duct but I am worried it's still blocked and I can't feel it and I'll get mastitis again. If you had mastitis did it come back? What do I do for a blocked duct if I can't tell if there is one or not?