Let me start by saying I'm asking so many questions about this on here because I'm the first of my friends/family to have kids!

My daughter has a late bday--10/31 and the cutoff is 12/1. We went back and forth about whether or not to hold her back, but ultimately decided to send her on time. The big factors were that she was very excited to go, and we would have had to find a new daycare to put her in twice per week and didn't have great options. While she is now doing very well academically, she is very obviously the youngest in the class (second youngest in the entire grade). She is exhausted and as her teacher put it, she just doesn't have the stamina of the other students. She is struggling with confidence and making friends which breaks my heart.

I majorly regret not holding her back, and everyone keeps saying "You could always have her repeat Kindergarten." Has anyone had a child repeat Kindergarten? Was it for academic or social reasons? I'm obviously very concerned about how it could potentially negatively impact her. Would she be mortified? She doesn't really have close friends so I don't know if that would help. I'm also wondering how much to involve her in the decision. She's expressed hating being the youngest--should I let her have input? Teacher input would be fantastic!