My miscarriage was on 7/8/2014. My feelings of disapointment and loss havent gotten any better. I was just crying last night while talking with my Fiance. Although this little bean of mine was only in my tummy for 7 weeks I feel this huge amount of sadness. This was my first pregnancy. My Fiance tries to be there for me, but I just feel like he wont ever really feel how I feel. I know its smart to wait a cycle or two to normalize the body. Selfishly, I don't want to wait. I don't think that I will feel ok until I am pregnant once again. Its like I cant wait for that moment. I'm so scared too that its going to take me a while. My miscarriage passed naturally, it took me 2 weeks to completely stop bleeding. Physically I feel fine now, my hunny and I just began being intimate again. The first time we did it we werent careful, the next few times I think we'll have to be. That is until after my first complete cycle.

I also see babies everywhere, I see pregnant women all over the place too. I feel so envious. I cant help but think I'd be showing more now. Its so heartbreaking to go through this every single day.

One day I will get this wonderful feeling again! I hope its sooner than later.