My son is eight months old, and lately bedtime has become a major struggle. I nurse him to sleep, which has been great...until now. I put him in his crib asleep, like I always have, but within 30 or so minutes he wakes up and screams. So I go in and try to put him back down, but as soon as he touches the mattress, he starts to cry. I think it might be some kind of separation anxiety, because if I go in there and pick him up, he is totally fine. Happy, smiley, etc.

Anyone deal with this? What do I do? Is it time to break the nursing to sleep habit? I'm not opposed to the idea of sleep training, but the crying absolutely breaks my heart, because he basically never cries otherwise. And I don't know if it would just make the separation anxiety worse, since he's crying because we're not there? But it's been taking two to three hours to get him to stay asleep, and that's not good for either of us.