Seriously, feeding gods, I am done with this struggle with worrying what my LO is eating.

LO is 10 months. He had some sort of virus or I don't know what, but he threw up for the past 3 days (all in the morning). Today is the first day he didn't puke. He acts pretty much fine though for those 3 days - a bit less active, but overall OK.

Then he has been having crying spells. I think he is teething really bad because he would have very fussy sessions which he'd grab his mouth and cry. Starting Friday I think our nanny already said he skipped 1 bottle - ie. refuse it and push it away when it is offered.

Then yesterday, he drank maybe 9 oz in total THE WHOLE DAY with 1 oz probably being vomited out. He ate solids fine and won't drink water when it is offered. He also refused the before bedtime bottle. I thought he'd wake up and cry in the middle of the night but he didn't do that until this morning at 6:30am (he goes to bed at 7:30p).

Today is even worse:

6:30am he drank 4 oz
8:15am he ate maybe 2.5 oz of solids
10:30-11am REJECTED the 11am bottle (we were driving somewhere - he stirred at around 10:30-ish and I made him a formula bottle - but he rejected and rejected until we finally arrived to the town and can have lunch at a restaurant - then he ate lunch - no milk)
11:30am lunch 2.5 oz of solids (maybe)
1:30pm 5 oz (after quite a bit struggle and distraction by dangling things when he's drinking)
3:30-4:30pm REJECTED his bottle again!
5:15pm dinner at restaurant cried because he's so hungry ate maybe 4 oz of solids?
7:00 brushed his teeth and he CRIED HYSTERICALLY (Oh how I regreted that)

So today with the milk in the solids I gave him, he had maybe 9.5-10 oz of formula+breastmilk, and 9 oz of solids, for the entire day. Guidelines say 16-24 oz of formula/breastmilk minimum a day and my friends all have babies that eats that much. SOMEONE PLEASE KILL ME!!! Does this happen to anyone at all? So he drinks less than 10 oz every day for 2-3 days now. Sometimes I really wonder if he might die of SIDS because he doesn't eat.