Do you cook every night? What do you do with dinner?

LO is now 10.5 months. Nanny feeds him dinner at around 5:15pm (I made porridge + other food for him every weekend and freeze them), and he goes to bed at 7:15pm. DH would then come home around 7:30 with our dinner bought from outside. It has been working well.

LO is going to daycare in a few weeks when he turns 1. This means I'll have to pick him up at 5 and give him dinner at 5:15. He probably will not be eating porridge for very long and will be graduating to eat grown up food. However, we just don't have time to cook! I usually work until 6pm everyday, and taking off at 5 is already a stretch that I'd have to see how it works. I don't think I can cook every day for his dinner because then I'd have to get off and start cooking at 4pm!

How do you guys do it? Any recommendations?