I am running out of ideas! I've got 3 go-to recipes that I can make really fast for LO but he's been eating the same things over and over.

I have leftover quesadillas that i made yesterday but i want to make something else on top of that (so I can pack his lunch for tomorrow too). My usual go to dish would be pasta with cheese sauce but I feel like he's been eating that all the time lately.

Do you have good recipes that can be done within 15-30 minutes, that I can potentially make for him this afternoon before picking him up from daycare? (LO is 14 months)

Here's what I have in stock:
spinach (some)
broccoli and carrots
chicken (still frozen right now)
cheese, milk, butter,
black beans
frozen sweet peas
frozen peas, carrots and corn
some leftover salmon (cooked)
some leftover green string beans (cooked)
ETA: Eggs
Pita bread