Daycare seems to think my LO is hungry and needs either more frequent feeds and/or more milk at each feeding. She is almost 4 mo old and currently getting 3 bottles with 5oz each. It is a major stretch for me to pump that much. I am currently pumping 5-6 times and nursing 3-4x on days when I work. When I'm not working, I nurse her ~6x and pump ~3-4x. estimates that a baby 1-6 months old needs an average of 25oz of milk per day (range 19-30). Usually she nurses at least 3x and gets 3 bottles, so at the high end that would be 5oz at a time (with 6 feedings). However, she always finishes her 5oz bottles, so I don't know if she'd drink more if given the chance... I haven't really had enough in reserve to try it, though I could give her 6 or 7 oz bottles tomorrow to see what happens (I'd use up reserve though and not be able to replicate that without formula).

Currently she is getting bottles every 2.5-3 hrs.

If you were in my shoes, would you start supplementing to send more milk to daycare? Or would you send more smaller bottles, so she could eat more frequently? I'm trying everything, but I really can't seem to pump that much more.

ETA: My sister actually advocates feeding her less often - every four hours, and giving her 7oz at a time. She feels that spreading out feedings helped her LO sleep at night.

Thanks in advance for any input!