(Edited for clarification!)

My sons preschool (ages 2-5) has what I would consider to be a fairly strict sick policy. This includes the normal stuff (no fever for 24 hrs, diarrhea, vomiting etc) but also no severe, persistent coughing, no persistent runny noses, no excessive sneezing (unless related to allergies), no ear aches, swollen glands & inflamed throat. Is by far the strictest I’ve seen! This is partly why we chose the school. (I have a flexible schedule and can keep my kid home for whatever reason). My son has had two tiny colds this past winter and I totally believe it’s in part due to the strict sick policy!

Yesterday, there were two new boys at the school (twins) both of which had a wet cough and persistent (clear) runny noses. I’m thinking about talking to the director about it considering it is clearly written in their policy that these two things are not allowed.

Would you ask for clarification on the sick policy due to this (and previous) incidents of snotty/coughing kids?