OMG. So, my son goes to preschool and the other moms in my son's class (even some dads) are so unfriendly. I just can't believe how unfriendly they are. Today there was a mothers day event and I was looking forward to meeting some moms. There is one boy that likes my son a lot and he came over to me when we arrived, so the teacher had us sit with him and his mom. His mom .... so unfriendly. WTF ? I'm not the most outgoing person in the world, but I smile and at least say "hi" as I pass other moms ... they don't even look, nor make any effort. Is this normal ?????? I like the school and my son likes it there and likes the teachers and the kids....but the parents ! unbelievable ! I thought kids would invite each other to each other's birthdays etc... nothing. What would you do ? Move him to another school ? Keep him there ? It makes me sad for him (and me !).