Hi all,

After nearly 2 years of TTC, my OB sent me to a fertility specialist. My ultrasound looked normal and everything checked out in the lab with my husband. So we moved forward with CD 3 blood work. Everything came back normal except for prolactin, which was "slightly elevated." My doctor wanted me to fast and have it checked again, so I did. I got the results today and the prolactin was still elevated, this time even a little higher.

My doctor is now on vacation so I'm waiting to understand exactly what this will mean. I've done a little research and understand that a few different things can cause elevated prolactin, but I just don't have a grasp on what that might be doing to affect my fertility or what the reason might be behind it since there are so many possibilities, and my ultrasound was normal. I also still have to wait for CD21 to do my progesterone blood work.

Can anyone share their experiences with slightly elevated prolactin and what that meant for your fertility journey?

Thank you!