I know we have some nannies and former nannies here so I'd love to hear your opinions. I'm a new mom, struggling with my child care options as my LO will have to go somewhere starting Jan 2 when my in laws leave. I live in a very "nanny popular" town, as there are more children than Daycares and you have to get on daycare wait lists when you are like 3 months pregnant and possibly only get accepted into a center that is a mile walk away and costs 1709-2200 a month. And this is a walking town, and many people don't have cars so...getting a nanny is a popular choice.

But... I am still floored by the.. I don't know, sense of entitlement that sine nannies have here. I'm in a mommy group here and listening to the stories if my mom friends going through a nanny search I hear some crazy things:

- 1 nanny wanted 800/wk for one child. Plus enrollment at at least two gyms or classes a week to get out if the house. PLUS extra cash each day on top if her salary to eat lunch out with her nanny friends and their charges. I have a master's degree and I do t get those perks, my lunch paid for, and after taxes I hardly make more than that.

- I was directed to this blog that says a holiday bonus should be 1 weeks pay (fairly standard) PLUS a gift like an IPAD or David Yurman jewelry and in another post about holiday bonuses for occasional babysitters refers to the kids as brats. Awesome. I mean, most parents are struggling to pay for childcare. My husband wouldn't even buy ME David Yurman jewelry right now but in nanny world it's an appropriate gift? http://hobokenanny.blogspot.com/2013/11/2013-bonus-series-nannymanny-heres.html?m=1

- I keep hearing about nanny infighting. One of my mom friends wanted to schedule a play date with one of her friends kid, but their two nannies don't like each other and refused to do a play date. Wtf. I can't imagine telling my boss I refuse to do something he asked because I don't like a coworker.

So in the end, although having a nanny would in some ways be more convenient I was so afraid of hiring a nanny who seemed nice but was actually like this (entitled and thinks kids are brats) that I just couldn't do it.

Is this kind of thing normal where you live or am I just lucky living here? =)