I've been reading some prior posts on the Spectra brand but wanted to see if anyone has experience with both the S9 and the S2 - or if anyone can weigh in on what they might pick in my situation to give me perspective and help me decide which way to go.

Both the Spectra S9 and the S2 are covered by my insurance. I would need to pay a little extra for the S2 ($30) but I'm not too worried about that. I've been reading a ton and it seems like I'm stuck between the two options based on the below differences.
For background, I travel for work pretty frequently (via air travel - about every 1.5 months) and would be doing so while breastfeeding, as well as probably bringing my pump back and forth to work daily. I have my pump from my last pregnancy I could use at home to avoid the daily back and forth but figured I would just bring everything to/from for consistency. I have both my own office and a mother's room available where I work. My last pump, which I was super happy with, was the Ameda Purely Yours - which has a closed system like the Spectra, was light weight, and had variable speed/suction options. This one isn't on the list for being covered or I might have just gotten another one - but I have heard so many great things about Spectra in the years since and due to my preference for a closed system that's where I'm looking now.

S9 Pros - Super small, lightweight (0.5 lb). Rechargeable battery power option.
S9 Cons - Does not have independently variable speed/suction. Slightly lower suction capacity (300 vs. 320 mmHg). Can't find reviews on how loud/quiet it is.

S2 Pros - Has independently variable speed/suction. Slightly higher suction capacity. Apparently very quiet. Comes with a new pumping bag (but I do have a pump bag at home I could use).
S2 Cons - Much heavier than the S9 or my pump from my last baby (2.5 lb vs. 0.5lb S9 and 1lb last pump).

So, which would you choose? Anyone have experience with both? Will I regret choosing smaller/lighter/battery convenience for travel over the variable speed or slightly higher suction?