So, I have had a lot of issues with my little gal during the day, but at night, she's always been a pretty good sleeper. Even as a newborn, she got up twice a night max. (1:30 and 4 or so). Then by 6 weeks she dropped the 4:00 feed, and was just waking up once at 2:30 or 3 to eat. Then at 10 weeks, she delighted us by starting to STTN. For 3 weeks straight, she would go to sleep at 9 and not wake up until we woke her for daycare, at 6 or 6:30. I knew this wouldn't last (sleep regression and teething and such) but we were enjoying it.

Then, on Saturday night, she got sick. Fever, just not feeling well, etc. We had a couple nights of really crappy sleep because of it (day and night - poor girl just couldn't stay asleep more than 1.5 hours or so, if that, even in her swing or in our arms). It was very unlike her, but she was sick, so...

Well, she isn't sick anymore (not since Sunday. Been to the doctor too). But the sleep has been awful. She isn't napping well in the day (an hour or less 3-4 times a day, and she has to be in her swing or forget it). And then we put her down at night (8:30 or 9) and she's awake before 10, screaming. She screamed 2 hours last night before my husband got her calmed down and put her in her swing, and she kept waking up then too. She isn't hungry most of these times - we offer bottles and she'll drink like a quarter ounce while half-crying. She doesn't seem to be in pain either, just fussy.

The night before that, she was basically awake 9:45 till 3:30 AM, with catnaps in between but waking up as soon as I'd try to set her down, even in her swing. And when being held, she squirms and kicks and thrashes her head and does not want to be held. She finally gets exhausted, but like I said, eyes snap open as soon as she's laid down. We ditched the swaddle 3 weeks ago, but when these sleep problems started happening I tried to bring it back and she just shrieked and shrieked and flopped around until she could break loose each time.

So... I'm starting to wonder if it's time to sleep train? She used to be able to settle herself after waking up at night (we watched her do it several times on the baby monitor) or from a nap. It's as if she forgot how to do it over the weekend, or something. Or should i ride it out another week or two and see if she improves?

I know there's a wonder week coming up, but according to my app we aren't there yet (since they go by due date, she's 12 weeks past her due date, though is 14 weeks old). She just finished the '3rd leap'.