After much debate and with consultation from our team of doctors we have ultimetly decided that we are going to be supplementing DS with EO28 Splash due to being EBF on a limited diet past 1 year. I just want to make sure he is meeting all his nutritional requirements. Our GI prescribed 2 boxes a day (it's like a juice box so 16 oz total) and I'm waiting on some samples and our first shipment to arrive. In the meantime I'm trying to figure out how in the world do you supplement?!

Am I to give DS his Splash in replace or a nursing session and if so do I pump instead to keep my supply up? I was planning on weaning to esclusively pumping, so if I do that how much breastmilk in addition to the 16 oz Splash should DS get (12 mo, ~23 lbs)?

Any tips for supplementing are greatly appreciated! It was so easy before with just breastfeeding on demand, now I'm confused on what to go next! Thanks!