Hey all, I could really use some advice. My supply seems to be tanking. I had a fairly decent supply before returning to work and now at 7 months it seems to be all down hill. There are a few things going on that could be causing it: first, we started solids, second I started dieting, and third (at least just for this week) I'm going to start my period. Now we are only doing about a jar of baby food spread out throughout the day, I'm eating roughly 2050 calories a day (I'm not sure if this is enough), and my period returned at 2 months PP and has always caused a small dip in supply but nothing like this.

I usually pump 4 times a day, 3 at work and one at night after LO goes to bed, plus 2-3 nursing sessions a day. I usually get between 3.5-4, at least enough for the 15 oz that LO drinks at daycare. The last week it's gradually gone down and today at my first pump I only got 2.5 oz. I'm really starting to freak out because I would like to continue to EBF/P until LO is one year, but I don't know if that's likely to happen if this continues. I've broken into my frozen stash already and it's dwindling fast. I thought it I only had to do it when I AF was visiting it would be fine, but it seems like I might have to do it more if this continues.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!