Would you switch daycares just to save a considerable amount of money? Would it depend on the age of your child?

Next year DD will be off to full day kindergarten and I'd really love to go part time / 30 hours at my job so she can take the bus and I can be home before and after school for her. We also have DS who will be 3 and baby #3 due in April. At our current daycare for the baby and DS full time it would be $715 a week (yes we live in a crazy expensive daycare state!). At this new daycare it would be $550 a week.

The only cons I see are that the new daycare is 15 minutes away as opposed to our current which is in our town, so they won't meet as many kids who will be in their school once they hit K since its in a different town and most kids are from that town. I know the baby would be fine since it would be their first daycare, but I'm worried about moving my son at age 3 to a totally new place with new teachers / kids just to save money.

Asking now because this daycare has a crazy waiting list!

ETA - we could technically make either option work but obviously things would be much tighter if we keep them at our current daycare.