After combing through old threads, I thought I would see if there were any new mamas out there who got pregnant while breastfeeding and continued to do so!

My LO is just over 4 months old and is EBF. I haven't gotten a period yet, and DH and I are not trying (because no cycle) but not preventing. I know it's unlikely, but I am holding out hope I will get pregnant by/around falltime (if it doesn't happen- we will use protection until next summer).

Has anyone gotten pregnant when your EBF little one was around 6 months? We will start solids end of summer/ early fall so I am not sure if that affects timing. What is the likelihood of this happening?

Also- anyone continued breastfeeding a young LO (6-12 months) while pregnant? I know that pregnancy affects supply & taste but I would love to continue breastfeeding if I do get pregnant (if LO would still like to).

Any stories/ advice?!?