I'm really concerned my son isn't nursing enough- he's 7.5 months and from early on has been a quick "power" nurser ... now he only nurses for like 4-7 minutes, every 3 hours. He is pulling on my nipples like crazy in the past few weeks, like he's not getting enough,,,,He LOVES food, he eats anything and everything! but maybe he eats so much because he's hungry? Everything says milk needs to be their main source of nutrition but this seems unlikely. He also has no teeth yet.

He is growing but he's quite short (no one in our fam is short) and fat per his percentiles.

So what is combo feeding? If I give him one bottle of formula, will I dry up? Do I have to pump? I stay at home til Jan. I'd like to BF for a year but I don't want a hungry kid.