E is almost 7 months old and has been getting formula and breast milk since day 3 of life. I worked with a great LC and was able to increase my supply and produce enough that she only needed about 6oz of formula. Then I went back to work and she was getting 10oz of formula and we were still able to breast feed when we were together. She started to refuse the breast around 4.5 months and it was making feeding miserable so I decided to exclusively pump (and obviously supplement). It was going well, I was getting at least 1/2 of her needs and felt really great about it. Now I am barely able to pump 6oz over the course of 5 pumps and am thinking about weaning and just giving her formula. The loss of my time just doesn't seem worth it for the amount I am getting. For the purposes of weaning do you think I can stop cold turkey since most sessions I am getting ~1oz or do you think I need to gradually decrease? I have never had major problems with clogged ducts. Also any tips for getting over the guilt I feel over the fact that I am still producing and therefore could keep doing this to keep getting E some breast milk but I am choosing to stop?