DS will be 14 months next week and I have been gradually weaning from bf'ing since 12 months. He is now down to just nursing at night. At 12 months he would occasionally STTN, but now he's up 1 to 2 to 3 times.
I try to just nurse the first wake-up (usually 1 am) but he really struggles to go back to sleep without it. One night this weekend it took a full hour to get him back down, which I really don't want to do on a weeknight. (I also don't have much milk left, so more than one session seems like he's not getting anything anyways).

We did CIO at 4 months when we moved him to his crib, but now that he's standing up not sure how well it will work? I'll let him cry(scream!) as long as 15/20 minutes and I usually give up because I need sleep too and nursing is faster!

Last night I set him down after his 2nd wakeup (3 am) and he went straight to our rocker (where he gets nursed). If I try rocking him he just tugs at my robe.

Tips on how to do this? Should I try bottles of milk instead even though he should be weaned from those also? Bottles or sippies of water? Suck it up and CIO?
*He does go to sleep pretty easily at night, sometimes with a bottle or sippy of milk, sometimes without. No bottles during the day anymore. He has never taken a paci.

What worked for you?