So we were told we had Thrush about 5 weeks ago. It was from K's pediatrician. He gave me a dose of Diflucan for 2 weeks. I finished it. K has Nystatin. Neither of us had "typical" thrush symptoms beyond:
- Sharp, shooting pain in my breasts & crack nipples for me.
- White, clear-ish (almost looks like jelly) on K's lips.

After a couple of weeks, K got a little bit of white on the back of her tongue, but it hasn't changed in weeks, with or without Nystatin, brushing, or Grapefruit Seed Extract diluted solution. The pediatrician said he's not even positive what she has is thrush. Everything is stable.

My question comes to expressed & pumped milk. Everything I've read says to NOT freeze or save milk from when you have thrush. KellyMom says:
"If you do pump extra milk during thrush treatment, do not discard it. Label the milk so that you know it was pumped during a thrush outbreak, and then go ahead and freeze it."

Okay...and then what? They say if you give the frozen milk, the yeast isn't killed, and can later re-infect and start the cycle over. I'm scared to save it, but I probably waste at least 4 oz. of milk (just from forceful letdown, not even pumping) everyday. I've been saving in the fridge in case she takes a bottle for some odd reason, but literally throwing away bottles of milk every week now. So sad.

If you had thrush, when and how did you know it was gone and okay to save the milk? The ped was just nonchalant about it. My OB couldn't really tell anything as I don't have any white patches or anything. I feel like I'm in limbo indefinitely...