So we are still working on LO's eating, which thankfully has gotten better and she is now eating (willingly) around 20-23 oz/day. The issue right now is that when and how much she eats at a time is completely variant day to day. I offer a bottle before and after every nap because sometimes she wants to eat 2 hrs after the last time and sometimes it is 4 hrs. And when she does want to eat, sometimes it is 1 oz, sometimes it is 3 oz, sometimes it is 6oz. There is just no way to know!

And that is frustrating with formula because I feel like we are wasting a lot offering so much when a lot of times she doesn't eat it. And we can't just offer her a little then make more and more as she seems to want it because 1) if she finishes a bottle and it takes you more than 3 seconds to get a new one in her mouth she's done eating and 2) she never really acts hungry anyways so its not like I'd know if she wanted more or not before making the formula and giving it to her.

So what I've been doing is using 3 bottles per feeding, a 1 oz, 3 oz, and 2 oz which I offer in that order because then if she starts but doesn't finish a bottle I"m not wasting the rest of the 6oz. But it's just a PITA and a lot of washing.

Anyone have any better ideas?