My DS seems to be MSPI. I eliminated dairy/soy 4 weeks ago and have noticed a significant improvement in his fussiness and most notably his puking.

I go back to work soon and am seriously concerned with being able to provide enough breastmilk for both my DS and DD. I am going to try to continue to provide only breastmilk but if I have to begin combo feeding I will need to decide if I keep him on breastmilk and give DD formula and any milk that is left or to supplement them equally with formula.

I asked the ped. about what formula would be appropriate for DS and she suggested Nutramigen or Alimentium but when I looked at their ingredients both included soy.

I was told to eliminate soy because roughly 50% of babies with a milk protein intolerance also cannot tolerate soy. So why would these formulas have soy? I know there are even further restricted formulas that are crazy expensive that are soy-free also.

Is it normal for MSPI children to be okay on Nutramigen or Alimentium? Anyone with experience or suggestions?

I do not have a giant freezer stash to fall back on so I kind of want to have a backup plan ready to go and not have to sort this out WHILE transitioning back to working full time. Thanks!!!!!!!!!