My LO is exclusively breastfed, and my milk production has been good/adequate. He gains well in the first 3 months (75-90%), then I don't know what happened he dropped to 25-50% (closer to 25%) on the 6 month check-up. He's 6.5 months now and he is still not making a lot of progress (we have a scale at home).

We did have quite a few hiccups during the process. He had a few episodes of nursing strikes (which usually lasted 1-4 days), then I am not sure why, but there are a few times I wasn't able to pump even though there was milk in my boobs, as if my letdown is semi-broken. I know stress could cause it but there were some times that I wasn't even stressed and milk still wouldn't come out.

We have been quite concerned about his poor weight gain. I emailed Dr. Jack Newman (breastfeeding expert / pediatrician) in Canada about it and he sent me a chapter on his book talking about it. Our take away is, we shouldn't have put him on a schedule (training him not to cry when hungry), and I shouldn't have returned to work by 3 months (Canadians get 1 year maternity leave!), and I should have exclusively breastfed him instead of pumping and feeding bottles during daytime (I am guessing he would be able to get more hind milk directly from me rather than getting from a pump). Then his change of behavior also plays into it (my LO would get very distracted when nursing, popping off and looking around when he still could be hungry).

Husband and I had a talk last night, and he thinks either I need to nurse him exclusively (I work at home and a nanny comes to our home), or we should be supplementing or switching to formula completely so that he continues to grow instead of stalling.

It really breaks my heart because I enjoyed breastfeeding, and it is not like I don't have enough milk. It is just that somehow my milk is not good /fatty enough. I cried just now as I was pumping. I always thought we'll wean when he's ready, I never thought we'd stop breastfeeding like this.

I have called the lactation consultant at the hospital and have also made appt with pediatrician tomorrow to see what she thinks.

What do you think? Did similar things happen to you? Did your LO have a good weight gain in the first 2-3 months, then drop drastically in percentage?