Hello, my name is Irene and I like to worry.

My LO is exclusively breastfed, and he's 6 months yesterday. He only gained maybe 13 oz since 4 months. He would have phases (weeks) of eating only 3 oz @ feed. I have posted this before (http://boards.hellobee.com/topic/baby-weight-should-i-be-concerned), got reassurance from you all and stopped worrying for a long time.

Today at the 6th month appointment, the doc confirmed that he has dropped to the 25-50% (where he was 75-90% at 2 months) in weight, and 50% in height (where he was 75% before). He is not *yet* concerned, but if LO drops below 25%, he will be diagnosed as "failure to thrive". I searched online and it basically means the baby "suffers" from "malnutrition" where it avoids him from reaching milestones and may impact his mental / cognitive development. When that happens, doctor will make us switch to formula, go in for regular weight checks, see specialists...etc.

Doc recommended us to get the size 3 (biggest size) nipples as LO may be frustrated with the newborn nipples that I am still (stubbornly) using due to nursing strike issues.

I know that EBF babies have a different curve than FF babies, but their weight usually drops AFTER 6 months, not before

The interesting thing is, so far he is ahead of schedule in terms of general (esp physical) development. He's already crawling and sitting up unsupported since 5.5 months.

To EBF moms, have you experienced things like this? If so, did you have problems with your LO's mental / cognitive development? Any advice on how to encourage LO to eat more?

Just needed to vent and thanks for hearing me out.....