Please help! We recently moved and my 21-month-old DD has done well with the transition and sleeps well in her crib, BUT she has not napped in her crib since this took place. She is still napping for 1.5-2 hours/ day M-F at daycare, so I know she still needs the sleep and about 50% of the time this happens she ends up passing out in the stroller around 4 or 5pm on a walk. I figured it was just an adjustment period and wanted to wait it out since we’re only trying on the weekends, but it has now been 4 weeks of this. We’ve tried a lot of things I would not normally allow at bedtime in the hopes that it will be easier to encourage and then fix once it has happened even once, but even nap luxuries have not swayed her.

The only thing that has even sort of worked is having my husband rock her and allow her to sleep in his arms in which case she’ll take a 30-minute snooze but will immediately wake up if he tries to move her. We’ve tried staying in the room with her, allowing her to play quietly in her room with all the lights dimmed and noise maker on in hopes she’d put herself down to nap on the floor cushion eventually (I passed out in the rocking chair but she was still going strong), allowing her to cry it out (this has always worked for us at night quickly but for this she will scream seemingly indefinitely and tries to climb out which has never otherwise been an issue), tried putting her down on the floor cushion since it is more similar to the daycare nap mats (she just kept rolling around and then getting books to play with) etc., etc. I even tried letting her nap in our bed with us this weekend out of desperation – she just rolled around and laughed for over an hour. This weekend before an evening stroller walk she demanded we bring a blanket, and then immediately passed out, so I feel like her Sunday 5pm stroller nap was premeditated. Does anyone have any ideas/ suggestions? I’m at a complete loss. Thank you!!