My 18 month old is probably going to be transitioning from our nanny to a daycare starting in August. We've heard amazing things about the daycare, so I think it will, eventually, be a good experience for her. The only thing is that she is super shy around new people, like she won't even look at them for quite awhile after meeting them and will burrow into me or DH. And because of covid, I can't visit the daycare room with her at all before she starts or stay in the room with her for the first 10 minutes on her first day. Parents can only be in the lobby area. I literally have to be like - here's a new place with all new people, good bye! It's already killing me to think about how upset she's going to be. She does love watching other kids and people once she warms up, so I know in the long run she will enjoy it. Any words of wisdom or advice?