What strategy did you use when moving your LO from co-sleeper to crib? My baby is 5 months old and currently sleeping in the graco version of the rock and play while swaddled. We're trying to move him to his crib b/c he is pretty long and honestly looks a little cramped.

Right now he sleeps from 7-8ish to 6 or 7 in the morning (there are a few belly rubs and putting the pacifier back in, but only 30 seconds of disrupted sleep at a time in the current situation). The past two nights we've put him in the crib and eventually had to move him back to the co-sleeper b/c he was miserable! He has been waking up every half hour to be soothed. I know it is a lot of changes at once as we aren't swaddling him in the crib, so I'm just looking for other perspectives / stories.

Right now the game plan is to put him in his crib and deal with the frequent wake ups until we want to go to bed and then move him. I'm hoping this gets him used to the crib... but night two looks a lot like night one so far!