I have two very long day trips for work during the next couple of weeks and am a bit nervous about how things will work with travel and pumping. There are approx 2.5 hour flights each way, and several hours spent in a cab/uber in total - I'll be leaving the house around 5 am and getting back after 1am. A few questions for moms who have traveled while pumping - what sort of cooler and ice did you use to keep the milk cold for extended periods? Also, I'm wondering if it will be an issue to get through TSA with ice at the beginning of the trip before there is any pumped milk? I'll need the ice I assume to keep cold milk that I pump while traveling. I use a spectra that has a battery pack and will have to pump in the plane/uber... During the work day itself I have breaks scheduled every 3 hours to pump and a fridge, I'm still trying to figure out if there's access to a freezer for managing ice for the trip back.