Yeasterday we got the results if my husband's semen analysis. It's not good. They found about 3 sperm. They froze 2. That's "two" not 2 million

The coordinator said my RE wants us to freeze 3-4 more times, then proceed with IVF with ICSI. I'm willing to do it, but I'm struggling with the cost vs benefit. I'd do almost anything so we could have biological kids, but what if we spend thousands if dollars freezing (not covered by insurance) and doing treatments (covered 80%) and it doesn't work?

I'm not sure if DH's issue is from birth, from his brain injury, or something else. We tried clomid a few months ago to treat low T and it made him a crazy person. You don't want to make a brain injury patient more irritable, trust me,

I guess I'm just looking for some hope. Anyone have success stories of IVF working with only a handful of sperm?