LO is going to be one next week and we're starting the process of weaning. We had been on five feeds per day, one side per feed, alternating sides each session; so if her last feed before bed was on the left, she started on the right in the morning, and it would then obviously be the opposite the next day.

A week or so ago, we cut it down to four feeds, which has worked out nicely, two feeds per side per day. Now we're at the stage where I want to cut it down to three feeds per day, but I'm wondering how to work this to make sure that my supply gradually slows down and doesn't get completely confused!

Should I be alternating sides every feed, meaning that one day she'll feed 2x on the left 1x on the right, then vice versa the next day? Or should I pick one side to feed from twice per day and stick with that schedule every day?

I'm just worried about my supply not being able to figure out what's going on if I alternate as some days it will be twice from a side, then only once from a side, then back to twice, etc.

Any advice? Thanks!