Hi ladies,
I have anxiety even typing this out asking for advice I have an almost 7 week old. I am looking to start weaning and feel so dumb trying to figure it out. With my first son I exclusively pumped so it was more straight forward when I weaned. I understand I should start by dropping a feed. My concern is his schedule is not so predictable... he eats usually 2-3 hour intervals but has been cluster feeding like crazy (I’ve been attempting to wean the last week) so I can’t figure out what “feed” I’m dropping.. I give a bottle in what I believe is in place of a feed but I can’t tell if it’s making a difference or which feeds to try to drop first? I’m still on maternity leave which helps. The only time I had been pumping was during 2 night feeds when my husband would give pumped bottles to give me a break from nursing. I have cut back on the length of those and only pump during 1 of them now and am trying to space out feeds in general for as long as I can (will top him off with bottle instead) and will pump for comfort when I get engorged (I’m prone to clogged ducts).

I totally feel like I’m winging it and it’s making my anxiety so much worse because I don’t know if I’m making progress and then I’m getting more anxious about stopping altogether when I know it’s the best choice for my mental health. I know he will be fine on formula ultimately. He had in in the NICU and he takes bottles fine. My first son is fine and transitioned to formula at around 3.5 month. I hate that I’m second guessing all my decisions. I’m emotional just writing this.

I guess I just need some advice and support mamas. I think I’m in the middle of some PPA (history repeating itself. Sigh.) and just need some reassurance. Thanks so much in advance