Hi everyone!

Thank you for responding! It helps a lot with all of your opinions!

I posted in the past about traveling with baby for the first time. He will be about 17 months and sleeping in a crib in a hotel room. DH and I will be there but I am afraid he won’t do well due to the environment etc? Any suggestions? We didn’t want to spend extra on a suite. Any suggestions on how I can prepare for this four day trip? Also, LO is on a great schedule and for vacay I plan to stick to it as close as possible. Did anyone have to change the schedule somewhat by a couple of hours for anything and if so did it go back to normal after your return? I’m very careful making sure LO gets his nap so he doesn’t become overtired etc.

Also, my second question- weaning from the breastfeeding? We are down to nursing once to twice a day right before a nap or bedtime. How can I slowly change this so he just goes to bed. He is NOT nursed to sleep. Also, others can get him to bed via bedtime routine.

Anything helps! Thank you