Hi everyone. LO is 13.5 months old, and I am a WOHM for 45 hrs/wk. I'm still pumping once a day around mid-day in addition to nursing once in the morning and again in the evening. I certainly don't want to jinx anything, but let's just say that my son has been doing pretty well with sleep.

I used to pump right before I went to bed (about 2-3 hrs after LO goes to bed -- began because I wasn't pumping enough at work for daycare bottles and then continued because I was too full in the middle of the night/morning otherwise), but I've been phasing that session out over the last month. Now I really try not to pump at night unless I really feel like I'm too full to be able to make it until the morning.

Now I've been waking up in the morning (or too early for me to actually get up for work in the morning), and I'm really, really full. To the point of almost wishing LO would get up already so I can nurse and get comfortable again. I'd still like to nurse morning and night for a bit longer, but any idea how to help my body regulate so I'm not so full in the morning?