What if it's at the beginning of meals? How old is your LO and how do you deal with food dropping?

I've noticed that DS (11.5 months) tends to drop food on the ground when it's something he doesn't particularly care for. At first, I considered it a sign of exploring, so I didn't do anything about it, but now at times, he does do it on purpose to get a reaction. If it's at the end of the meal, I usually just say "all done" and end the meal, but when it's at the beginning, I'm unsure, especially since I figure it's because it's a food he doesn't like. For now, when he starts doing that, I just move onto the next food item (which he usually eats) but I feel like I might be training him to drop food when he doesn't like it? What should I do? Will he stop dropping food on his own?? (Yah, right!!)