LO is nearing 7 months and I'm planning on letting him self-wean. Right now he is EBF but only nurses in the MOTN and in the morning, and gets pumped bottles of breastmilk during the day since I work. He's never been a comfort nurser, and many times the act of getting him to nurse is a struggle. I don't expect him to last past a year with nursing.

My question is, how will I know when he is trying to self-wean? I know that around this time babies get extra distracted and it makes nursing more difficult. I'm afraid I won't be able to tell between weaning behavior and normal behavior?

We went through a nursing strike that lasted 7 full days at 3 months and that was just awful. I pushed through it because I know it's very rare for a baby to self-wean that young. It turns out I was right since he now nurses happily. I'm scared, though, that if he shows the same behavior in a few months I may interpret that as weaning?!

Sorry for the novel but- how will I know?! I want to nurse as long as possible but also don't want to force him.