LO starts daycare in two and a half weeks. She has nothing approaching a schedule. Up until a month ago she was predictably on ninety minutes of awake time followed by a thirty minute catnap. I nursed as soon as she woke up, so she was nursing roughly eight times a day and then doing a long stretch from bedtime until 5am.

In the last month she's stretched out her awake time and lengthened her naps. She's down to three naps, usually one long nap of 1.5 hrs and two short naps. But I never have any idea which nap will be long and which will be short, or when they're going to happen. She gets tired anywhere between 90 minutes and 150 minutes after her last nap, and if I try to follow the clock rather than her sleep cues she'll frequently roll around in her crib for half an hour before falling asleep. I've tried and tried to establish more of a routine, but its just not sticking.

As a result of her wacky sleep patterns, my nursing patterns are off. I nurse when she wakes up, but try to nurse again before her naps so she doesn't go too long without food. (She's super into exploring the world and forgets to tell me she's hungry, so I need to lead the way rather than nursing on demand.)

Anyway, the upshot of this novel is that I have no idea what to tell daycare when she starts. The infant room teacher will follow our schedule for the first few weeks, and then work with us to transition her to the infant room schedule. I have no idea what to tell her about A's eating and sleeping patterns.

Anyone else have an erratic baby? How did you deal with the daycare transition?