We have been jumping on and off the TTC train for the past 2 years, and now it feels like things just got real.

We met with our RE a few weeks ago and found out that I have DOR, and we need to give it everything we have in the next few years before my reserve drops even lower. (I'm 31)

We STARTED seeing the RE because my cycles were irregular for a long time after I got off BC, then evened out, but we weren't conceiving. Found out DH has a low count (it was 7 million per cc, 60% motility in February, just re-did SA last week and it's even lower/motility dropped as well. He was diagnosed with a vericocele). My progesterone at day 23 was also kind of low... 3 (and change). I have an HSG ultrasound next week, then we meet again with the RE to discuss our options.

IUI? Straight to IVF?

What questions should we ask?
Anyone else struggle with low SA? What did you do to improve counts?

Thanks for any advice! This is overwhelming.......