Background: I have been bed-sharing with my DD basically since she was born 3 years ago. We currently sleep in the “guest room” on a queen size bed. One side is against the wall and there is a rail on the other side, so I have started leaving her alone there overnight, although most nights she calls for me around 4-5 am. She also naps there alone during the day.

In preparation for baby #2’s arrival in November, we have decided that we want to turn the guest room into our DD’s official “room”, and get a more suitable bed for her (the current bed frame is metal and has several parts that stick out and are rather sharp, so it’s not ideal for a child’s room. It’s also very high off the ground, although DD can climb in and out herself).

Our inclination right now is to get the MALM queen size frame from IKEA so we can keep the same mattress (it’s relatively new, and our DD is used to sleeping on it). My question is whether a queen size bed is ultimately too big/unnecessary for a toddler/preschooler/child, and whether we should be looking at a twin/single instead. The room is large enough to fit the queen size bed along with other furniture (dresser, bookshelf, perhaps a reading chair), but wondering if anyone foresees any potential issues (either now or in the future) with having a queen size bed in a 3 year old’s room?

Thanks in advance for any insight!