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What was delivering the placenta like?

  1. BelugaBean

    pomegranate / 3516 posts

    Neither time hurt near as much as pushing out a baby. With LO1, I had a retained placenta so they kept pushing on my stomach to get it out, in pieces, in order to stop the bleeding. With LO2, I just kind of felt it slide out. I was hemorrhaging so it came out during that episode and maybe is why it didn't feel like much.

  2. chopsuey

    hostess / wonderful honeydew / 32460 posts

    The first time, it felt like I 💩
    Didn't feel it the second time.

  3. MsHangry

    apricot / 422 posts

    Just a big warm blob and then RELIEF

  4. maddyz

    persimmon / 1270 posts

    My midwife told be to cough and tugged it out a little. I wasn't paying too much attention. Didn't really bother me before is was out, but it was nice to feel finished with the whole thing. I also hardly noticed my few stitches because I was holding baby.

  5. Rockies11

    persimmon / 1363 posts

    @Autumnmama79: I had a VBAC and I have absolutely no recollection of the placenta coming out.


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